Robles in the rain

Went our for a quick ride at Robles with Spencer on the 4th of July. It had been lightly raining most of the day and the incredible low temperature of 80 F was enticing to visit Tucson Mountain Park. I thought I wouldn’t be back there until September or October. Arrived at 36th St. trailhead and went from there under Ajo through the tunnel. Tight fit, but rode all the way through it without bumping my head. The rain has done wonders to the trail and everything was tacky and rideable. The humidity meant that we were drenched without cooling down much. No worries, just drink more.

Pirates need breaks, too!

Layered clouds over Tucson.

Spencer was all smiles about fixing a tube in the rain.

The south section of Robles is just fantastic. Surrounded by small mountain tops, some people have their houses down there. What a beautiful place. The trail we took is part of the RockNRoad challenge, perhaps something to be done at a later date.

Stats: 13 miles.

Tons of fun.

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