Tia Juana during monsoon season

Rolled up the 3000 ft. from basecamp to the gate on the Mt. Hopkins road. Spence and Aaron were flying ahead, while Pascal and I were spinning granny gears. It was a hot afternoon, probably 92F and it felt like May. During the break at the gate, bees started swarming us like mad. After some snacks, which probably attracted more bees, Pascal took the road up Mt. Hopkins, while the rest put our mountain bike to some use on the trail off Tia Juana.

Plenty of bees greeted us at the top of the climb on Mt. Hopkins Road.

Lots of water had washed rocks and gravel into new places, and the place was green. Accompanied by a pleasant breeze, we scrambled and biked down. There was even water running in Copper creek.

Spenc keeping the 26er rolling.

Unbelievably green.

Aaron is astounded by the vastness that is Solar0 Ranch.

Luck left me on Bull Springs road, got a sidewall cut and we separated so that Aaron and Spenc could get back with daylight. Unfortunately, they didn’t meet and both were lost in the dark near basecamp on the forest service road. Spence didn’t have a light, GPS, or trail knowledge, so it took a good hour for him to get to a road after dark. I didn’t know any of what was going on as my phone was dead.

I put some more Stan’s in my front tire and kept going even though it was slowly leaking. It was getting dark, but still enough light to see the dirt road — but not light enough to see the rattle snake that I basically rode over, but didn’t squash with my tires. Ok, probably time to the turn the light on! Riding was made interesting by sounds of the dark, coming from cows, birds, and cicadas. I was riding up the Bull Springs pass with a very low front tire, which helped amazingly with traction. Time to pump up the tire again, but not before I fixed the leak for good with a tire plug. I forgot about that amazing little thing I had in my tool bag. The ride was fun afterwards, the light blazing a path through the total darkness and 80F humid air.

Stats: 21 miles, 3900 ft. elevation gain, 4:15 hours, http://connect.garmin.com/activity/201038874

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1 Response to Tia Juana during monsoon season

  1. Spencer Hatch says:

    Quite a ride. This was very fun, and I’m sorry you had to ride with my redneck self.

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