Skyline Ridge loop

A few days ago, I noticed a trail south of Ellensburg, WA, that parallels the Yakima river valley. This Skyline Ridge trail goes from Umtanum Creek towards Selah, along 2 ridges overlooking the Yakima canyon in the Wenas Wildlife Area. I made this into a 35 mile, 8k el., loop. The first uphill was a very pretty steep HAB, but not bad considering the views and that a smell of sage and wildflowers surrounded me.

It took a bit longer than anticipated (9 hours), but the views were spectacular. Highly recommended if it’s a cloudy/cool day. It was about 60 F, and I was drenched from the 2 steep climbs. I filled up on water at a horse trough (pumped well water with hose) at the Buffalo Rd. entrance to L.T. Murray.

Note: The Sheep Company Rd. was ridiculously slow for 3 miles past the entrance to L.T. Murray (Wenas Wildlife Area) as it has recently been covered in soft & deep gravel. The headwind in that section was strong, probably 15, 20 mph, and made this a suffer fest.

There are quite a few more trails in the Wenas Wildlife area; this map shows some green-dot roads and smaller trail. I think there is a lot of potential in this area when it’s wet or snowy everywhere else.

Stats: 35 miles, 9 hours, 8k el., GPX track.

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