Mount St. Helens – Coldwater Lake workparty

The Growlers Gulch mountain bike club put out a request for help with trail maintenance at Mount St. Helens. A trail, #211, was to be newly opened to bikes, connecting with the Coldwater Lake trail (#230, 230A). Since I had this region in my eye for some riding later this summer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see the area and meet some fellow riders with lopper and shovels.

The workparty was partly sponsored by the US forest service, and after a quick sign-in, we headed off with our respective groups of about 12 people each, to work on clearing a total of 6 miles of trail.


After I had snipped for 5 hours, I was done (and tired of it) and headed back to my car. Time to ride the brand new loop! Lots of great views and some fun riding through a dry river wash / rock garden was had. Here’s the GPX.

20130601_144950small 20130601_151313small 20130601_152010small 20130601_152208small 20130601_152427small 20130601_153509small 20130601_154733small 20130601_155612small 20130601_160223small 20130601_161130small 20130601_161405small 20130601_164603small

At the end of the day, the Growlers put on a fantastic spread and roasted a whole pig!

20130601_171010small 20130601_175838small

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