Jolly Mtn. and Esmeralda Peaks

This ride, now part of the Washington Endurance series, included a short portion on the Sasse Mountain trail, then the Jolly Mountain trail, Jolly Creek trail (sketchy descent to the ridge, then very rocky, loose, and steep for 1 mile down from the ridge), then Middle Fork Teanaway, Deroux Spur trail, North Fork Teanaway (I’d skip that HAB section between Deroux campground and the Esmeralda Basin trail the next time), then Esmeralda Basin trail to the Esmeralda ridge, down from there to the Fortune Creek dirtroad, HAB up the Fortune Creek Rd over the saddle, and then down the Boulder de Roux trail to the Cle Elum Valley Rd. It was a nearly endless descent on Boulder de Roux with a few stream crossings and only a couple muddy places.

Fantastic views on this all-day mountain-bike dream come true. Lots of small streams made it easy to fill up with water when needed. The Middle Fork Teanaway was flowing at a decent rate, but I only had to cross it once and it felt very good to stand in the cold water for a while.

Stats: 40 miles, 10k el., 11 hours. GPX track

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