Bikepacking gear list

Lee’s gear list is somewhat up-to-date on My gear list for our mini Idaho Hot Springs route was:

  • Bike: Access 29’er hardtail with RockShox Reba RLT
  • Tires: Schwalbe SnakeSkin Rocket Ron and Racing Ralph
  • Eggbeaters pedals, Specialized Rime shoes
  • Revelate Design: Viscacha seatbag, handlebar harness, tangle framebag
  • Small $15 frame bags in bottom triangle and on top tube
  • Electronics: Garmin Oregon 300 (hard to read display), DeLorme InReach text messaging device (awesome), Samsung cell phone (this is my camera) preloaded with topomaps as a backup. 2 pairs of AA lithium batteries for Garmin and small USB charger.
  • Camping: Big Agnes Flycreek UL1 tent, Exped Synmat UL 7 mat + inflating bag, Marmot Helium 15F downbag, homemade ground cloth that rolls up into a dry-bag on the handlebar
  • Tools: spare tube, small Topeak Alien multi-tool, Lezyne Alloy Drive medium pump (shared with Lee)
  • Miscellaneous: bear rope, bug repellant, chammy cream, toothpaste& brush, floss, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, first aid kit
  • Backpack: Kelty Range (cheap&light)
  • Lights: Lezyne SuperDrive XL and a Planet Bike blinky for the rear
  • Food: bread, energy bars, freeze dried meals, individual bags of tuna, dried mashed potato, twizzlers, nuts, gummy bears, instant coffee, EmergenC, S-caps salt tablets, and some junk food. All food is hung at night in a dry bag.
  • Water: Sawyer in-line water filter attached to Platypus bag
  • Clothing: Ibex merino wool shorts and ultra-light shirt, L.L. Bean merino wool long sleeve shirt, Pearl Izumi vest, Outdoor Research Helium rain jacket, ancient long bikepants, Melanzana hat, Specialized riding gloves with touch-screen stitching, DeFeet Wooleater socks, Specialized helmet, Zoot cooling armsleeves (I hate sunscreen)

I was happy with my setup and nothing broke. The wool clothing worked really well for this multi-day bikepacking trip (no stink, except the t-shirt smells a bit like wet sheep when it’s wet :).

Handlebar attachments.

Handlebar attachments.

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3 Responses to Bikepacking gear list

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  2. alpinemystic says:

    What a great idea about using the ground tarp as a dry bag! Do you fold it just-so to shed moisture? Also, did you put food lowest on the bike as it tends to be heavy?

  3. 2wheeltrails says:

    Hey alipinemystic! The ground tarp: It rolls up with the tent and mattress in the middle, and then I fold over the little ends and clip each to itself with sewed-on clips. I got those from a crafts store. Just like the real drysacks work.

    Food: I actually have most of it as the first thing in the saddle bag. It’s heavy, but I don’t feel like things get less stable when the mass is up high. I don’t get that whole argument about keeping weight low to the ground. My own center of mass is way up high, and I am perfectly stable on a bike. Try this tonight: Get a hammer and hold it up with your thumb contacting only the end of the shaft. Then, turn the hammer around with the metal part touching your thumb. It’s more stable when the big metal part is up in the air than the other way around!

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