Willows Fjords

Just a short ride report on this very small park near Redmond, WA, which is tucked behind some office complexes, has no views, and is a bit hard to find. Here’s the GPX track with a couple access points. Why bother, you may ask. Well, if you live nearby and enjoy steep climbs, tight switchbacks, and a few roots, this is the place to go for an hour-long ride. Thanks to the Evergreen site for posting this ride, I rode my fatbike there last month. Since I just got the wheels back for my fatbike from truing&tensioning by Perfect Wheels, I headed out there again. The wheels were great, even the odd disc brake rubbing is gone.

This trail system is so much fun. 1100 ft of climbing in 4.2 miles – all in a place the size of a peanut. The trails were in nice condition and I met the guy clearing them with a weed whacker.

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