Fish Lake SnoPark excursion

There are a lot of SnoParks in Washington. This weekend, I explored the trails starting at the Fish Lake SnoPark near Lake Wenatcheee. It was cloudy and foggy all day – not the best for pictures, but it was still a fun outing. I met sled dog teams near the beginning – a first for me. The dogs are totally quiet when they run, and they were excited to be running. Their blue eyes looked like they just came out of “Dune”.

The first sled dog team that I encountered - ever - near Fish Lake SnoPark.

The first sled dog team that I encountered – ever – near Fish Lake SnoPark.

Sled dog teams 2 and 3.

Sled dog teams 2 and 3.

I decided to ride up the Faultline trail and then head out towards Sugar Loaf Peak. At one intersection, a couple guys on snowmobiles were taking a break and asked about my bike – I let them ride it – and in return they offered to let me take a snowmobile for a ride. I accepted. First time riding a snowmobile for me! So, off I went about a hundred yards and then decided to turn around. However, that didn’t really happen as snowmobiles do not turn around easily, and my manuvering and heaving the beast just got it more into the ditch. After a while, the two guys came over and just gassed it. It went right over a brush and out of the ditch. Whoof. That was fun.

I headed onwards and had my lunch break after a while. Looking at the clock, I was only 1/2 way along the bottom trail, 7D, towards the turn-off for Sugar Loaf Peak, so I turned around. Maybe I’ll go for that destination another time.

20150110_135934small 20150110_152316smallIt was a pretty good ride. The trails were semi-busy. A group would pass me every 20 minutes or so, and wave or count-down which position in the group they were in. Nice. But overall a bit too busy for me with regards to the exhaust fumes which lingered in the still air for a long time.

32 miles, 4000 ft. el., GPX track

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  1. leeblackwell says:

    Iditabike next?

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