Chilcotin Bikepacking Adventure – Day 0

Even the night before we planned to leave, we didn’t know where we would be driving to the next morning. A couple big forest fires north of Vancouver had caused severe smoke in the Gold Bridge area, and now we were closely following the webcam at Gun Lake, just west of Gold Bridge. smoke at gunlake

Seeing this caused us to consider the Olympic Peninsula or even following Scott and Eszter on their route near Bend, OR.

Yet, in the morning we saw that the sky had cleared after some rain and that the fires were not spreading into the surrounding valleys. The weather forecast looked good, too, so we drove to Whisler and then along the Hurley Road to Gold Bridge. The Hurley road has been graded very recently and was in pretty good shape for a gravel road over a mountain pass. It was fine for the Subaru, but I am not sure that I’d take my Jetta on this road. It’d be a nice bike ride, though, so another option would be start in Pemberton and bikepack into Gold Bridge.

Picked up carrots and potatoes at the Goat Mountain Produce stand (honor system).

Picked up carrots and potatoes at the Goat Mountain Produce stand (honor system).

2015-07-16 06.30.54_small

Along the Hurley Rd.

Along the Hurley Rd.

2015-07-16 06.55.22_smallWe arrived in Gold Bridge and found a small village above the Bridge River. There were a couple people chatting at the Gold Dust Motel, and upon inquiry about a place to camp, the chatty owner directed us to the free Gun Creek campground, “just 7 clicks down the road”. BC Hydro has put in several free campgrounds along the Bridge River. I was worried about mosquitoes so near the water, but there were hardly any, and we were the only ones there at this clean and nice campground.

2015-07-16 19.04.50_smallAcross the street is a small miner’s memorial; a place for people to remember their loved ones.

2015-07-16 10.02.40_small

And so Monday went by without us ever getting on the bikes. Tomorrow, though, we’ll finally head out!

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