Snow-check at Hansen Ridge

The snow has been coming down plentiful this last week, and temperatures have stayed low enough that snow is sticking on the road at Snoqualmie Pass. Sounds like a trip up to Hansen Ridge is in order.

Parked at Tinkham Rd. and rode along NF-55, watching cars and trucks getting stuck in snow on purpose. Up NF-5510, there were groups of 4-wheeling dudes out to see what their vehicle could do. They all pulled over to let me climb uninterrupted. I wouldn’t have minded a break, to be honest. But with only a mesh tank-top on, I did appreciate not having to stop and cool down.



Some people were just out for a walk, while others were out to hunt their own Christmas tree. This pickup truck was _loaded_ with a big tree; its tip dragged in the snow behind.


Had a good time chatting. I really wanted to see if I could ride any of the singletrack on Hansen Ridge. After the sharp right turn, the snow became deeper and the road less traveled . Still, traction was outstanding, so I still had hopes. Then, reached the obvious end-of-the-traveled road part, beyond which no vehicle had traveled for maybe a day or more. I didn’t think I could keep riding, but then found a solid base underneath ~4″ of fresh snow. The old tire rut was snowed in and narrow, but still soft and allowed my pedals to softly scrape the tops.


I rode to within 15 yards of the Hansen Ridge parking lot where the gate is just ahead. But once out of the trees, I am sinking in a foot or more of snow. I am warm right now, but drenched from sweat and snow and need to hurry up to add clothes: warm, windproof things for hands, body, and head, before I turn into a disaster.


The ride down was peaceful and fun, and I had to turn on my light as it was still snowing.



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2 Responses to Snow-check at Hansen Ridge

  1. Radical Riding Martin!


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