Quality time on the snowbike

After a couple stressful and annoying days at work, it was definitely time for a bike ride. The weather looked the best on Saturday near Mt. Baker, and the Seahawks have a 1:30 pm game! With highs in the 30’s F, I thought this might work.

I decided to try the Anderson Snopark just east of Mt. Baker.The new Subaru made the drive up the last bit of snowy road easy. I arrived at 8 am to find the Snopark empty, and a setting Moon.20170114_081947.jpg

The trail had been recently groomed, and only one or two snowmobiles had been on it probably right after it was groomed. The snow had set well, and it was a pretty easy climb while occasional glimpses could be gleaned of Mt. Baker. After a lot of switchbacks,  the views finally opened up.20170114_100858.jpg20170114_102417.jpg20170114_102039.jpg

The temperature was around 30F and the snow easily rideable even with the 80 mm rim in the back.20170114_103545

The groomer had done an excellent job and at a turn, I decided to take the road less traveled. Pinch me! 20170114_104411.jpg20170114_104419.jpg

This quickly lead to an ungroomed area and after a bit of pushing I gave up.20170114_105653.jpg

Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan:20170114_110820.jpg20170114_105149.jpg

It was past 10 am by now, and no snowmobilers, yet! I guess I am an early bird? I take it.

I turned around and then followed the snowmobile tracks up a ridge. Always remember to look back!20170114_111722.jpg

A bit of a push brought me higher, yet, before a little warming hut came into view. Not a bad place to spend a few hours, if one were so inclined.20170114_113516.jpg



At this point, the groomed trail continues steeply uphill at 20% grade. However, there’s no view after the 15 min hike-a-bike, so I had a snack, put on warm clothes, and headed back in time for dinner.20170114_123955.jpg

Didn’t encounter anyone else for the entire 5 hours – now that’s a quality snowbike ride!


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3 Responses to Quality time on the snowbike

  1. mujozen says:

    Awesome! The mtn right after “always remember to look back” is Mt. Shuksan. I love that area. Where did you drive from to get there?

  2. beautiful up there


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