Sugarloaf Peak with dry socks

The snowmobile trails in the Lake Wenatchee area aren’t open, yet – so it’s a free-for-all for trucks and snowmobiles (and a lone snowbiker) to play around. On my way up, I chatted with a snowmobiler from Leavenworth, Matt, about the WA SnoPark regulations for fatbikes, warming huts, and snowmobile trails. Turns out, that more warming huts do exist! The Bavarian Boondockers have one on the way up to Sugarloaf, which they invited me to visit. After they were done collecting christmas trees in a large tarp, Matt and the others drove off to their trucks parked below.


I plopped myself down in front of the fire and dried my socks!



I chopped some wood to warm up a bit more, while waiting for the weather to clear as the weather forecast had said it would, yesterday. Verizon has signal up there, and checking the weather forecast, it now said “cloudy”. I finally got going around 2 pm, just as some blue sky seemed to appear. Outside, it seemed colder to me now that I had sat for a while, but my thermometer seemed to agree.




Near Sugarloaf Peak, a family stood around a pick-up truck to cut down their Christmas tree. As I rolled up, the little boy asked “Why do you have such big tires?”  –  “So it’s easier to ride over the snow.” I replied.   To which his mother said to the little boy “He’s an extreme athlete” without looking or talking to me, and then turned towards their father who was wielding a running chain saw, without actually being in the process of cutting a tree.

Then a huge snowmobile group came by, and I got almost run off by one of them. It seemed to be a rental group with a guide.

Not quite the views they had hoped for, I think.


The top of Sugarloaf was impressive in as much as 20 -30 mph winds can make life interesting. Icy snow crystals were being pounded into everything.


Time to head back down. I lingered for a while starring at the winter storm clouds over the Cascades.


Lots of people out here for a Sunday with mediocre weather. I need to get going much sooner when I plan to do a bigger ride.

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  1. nice hut, but brrrrr


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