Osborne loop

Back in September 2017, I rode a loop south of Mt. Rainier covering the trails:

  • Silver Creek
  • Allen Mountain
  • Cora Lake trail
  • Osborne Mountain

Trailforks calls this the Osborne Mt Mega Loop. Fun. The traffic along the paved road wasn’t bad as I don’t remember anything about it. This was the beginning of skipping trip reports on my blog, thinking I’ll catch up later. I definitely won’t catch up with everything.

Up Silver Creek, I think it was all rideable; really nice grade.

After a short FS road section, the next trail seemed also great.

Alas, the beginning was not rideable due to vegetation and lack of benched trail along the steep slide. Yes, there is a trail on the left through the bushes. See Mt. Rainier on the right peeking around the tree-covered hill?

But, then it was rideable along a 15 foot wide ridge.

This is one of my favorite pictures overall. There is even a little lake down there.

But, all good things come to an end with a somewhat brutal push up almost to Allen Mountain. Looking back what I had just ascended:

To be rewarded again – with blissful bench singletrack. There were a few holes in the meadow to keep you honest.

Then, a bit down/around and forward to the main event: Osborne Mt. 

Aehm, no: first there’s Cora Lake trail. It did not disappoint. A bit of a push initially, then techy and steep in parts, but all good.

Lastly comes a FS road climb to the final event: the Osborne Mountain descent. No views on this trail as it winds down through the woods. Nice trail with good sightlines, I seem to recall, but the camera did not want to come out.

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